Free Shipping on 17$+(USA ONLY)

Bulk Discount

         We offer automatic bulk discount to customers who would like to buy multiple pairs of MINK lashes at once. These discounts require NO COUPON CODE, the prices get reduced automatically when lashes are added to the shopping-cart.
         All U.S. orders of 17$ or more can get free-shipping(USPS First-Class). No Code Needed
        We are a small business located based in San Diego, California, and we have been doing our best to sell premium quality false-lashes at an affordable price.
  Numbers of pairs    Discount  Discounted Price(Per Pair)
 3      Free      Shipping                             5.99$
5 or more         8.3%                    5.5$
8 or more        14.2%                   5.15$
12 or more        18.3%                   4.90$
15 or more        23.3%                   4.60$