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Our Packaging

Our Packaging is neat and simple. It is basically a plastic case made with a piece of white-plastic bottom shell and a clear-plastic lid. If you happen to purchase our mink-lashes, the lashes will come to you like this.


The plastic-shell packaging can be reused for multiple times as a storage place for the mink lashes. It is recommended to put the mink lashes back into the white-plastic shell with the lid closed after each use. Therefore the mink lashes is protected from being torn or getting dusty until the next use. As long as the plastic case is not lost or destroyed, it can definitely be reused again and again.

The reason why we chose not to sell our premium quality mink-lashes in fancy cardboard boxes was because of the high cost, which can be reflected on to the price of our mink-lashes. Cardboard boxes for mink-lashes aren't expensive on their own, but they add a lot of weight to the package when mink-lashes are shipped to us from the manufacture. The extra shipping cost for each cardboard box can sometimes be the same as the pair of lashes that it carries. Our mission is to sell premium quality mink-lashes at an affordable price. The use of a light-weight packaging helps us spend the most money we can on the lashes their own, and the savings we get from packaging and shipping all go back to our customers as free pairs of lashes, little gifts and giveaways, etc.